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Middle Rotation


Middle Rotation is made up of 32-43 month old children (at the start of the school year). This group of children will remain in this class for the duration of the school year, although there are leveled sections within this age group. Their primary goals academically will be 10 shapes, 10 colors, 26 letters, 20 numbers, and 13 letter sounds. This is a fully potty trained class (except at nap with pull-ups). Breakfast and snacks are included in tuition. Lunch is an additional charge.

Daily Schedule

* This is a typical schedule. A more detailed schedule will be provided by your child’s teacher.

Extended Care (Gym)

Drop off & stations

Outside (back)

Pep Rally

Potty Break

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2nd Rotation

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3rd Rotation

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Lunch (in class)





Outside (Side)

Snack (in class)

Potty Break

Circle Time




Fine Motor


Library Time


Pickup & Station Rotation




Art is the best combination of messy and fun! Our goal is for students to be able to appreciate famous artists and their works, as well as use any/all possible materials to create crafts. Colors, shapes, and different techniques are taught to help students’ creativity burst. Daily art activities are aligned with the age appropriate scope and sequence list.


Paints, textures, markers, and more are a few things that our students LOVE about art! We are ALL filled with joy when our students light up while presenting their work. Strawberry Fields is truly blessed to have an amazing staff who understands the importance of art and the educational brain based crafts for their students.

Scope & Sequence

Pep Rally

Pep rally is important because it gets the kiddos movin’ and groovin’ before they begin their day. Pep rally lasts for 30 minutes and teaches the national anthem, pledge of allegiance, scope and sequence for the week. Also includes the SFOL alma mater and class creed, which incorporates sign language. Kiddos are able to get on stage and lead the pledge of allegiance and sing and dance with their friends.

Due to COVID-19, pep rally is only being held in individual classrooms.

Life stream will be available once pep rally is back in full swing and will be available to parents to stream for $10/month.

American Sign Language

As there are many ways of learning, Strawberry Fields of Learning LOVES to teach with WHOLE BRAIN activities. American Sign Language (ASL) uses every part of your brain when communicating (visual, kinesthetic, auditory).


ASL is a great tool for our students to remember their letters, numbers, colors, vocabulary, and more. Sign Language has been found to potentially improve students’ communication, speech development, and increase retention.


ASL is implemented through students scope and sequence list, communication with others, and more.

Bible Bus

We want to encourage students to have the love of God in everything they do.

Bible Bus is a Jesus & Me class to go! Using our scope and sequence, students study Bible verses with sign language and create crafts for every lesson.


Strawberry Fields of Learning embraces the importance of understanding our friends from different cultures. We value multi-cultural relationships for our students because it increases knowledge, diversity in language, and helps them understand different perspectives. As 27% of the Texan population speaks Spanish, we saw an importance and an opportunity to teach our students about the Spanish language and culture.


Strawberry Fields has amazing bilingual teachers. They will communicate to students using fundamental vocabulary, lead Spanish lessons, and share the importance of their culture to every grade level.


Spanish is offered to our AP and Kinder levels, full time. Upper and Middle rotations are offered Spanish part time. All students will learn the alphabet, days of the week, colors, numbers and more! Each week will have a new song, activity, and book based on that week’s focus.


We’re so blessed to have Spanish lessons be a part of our school. We can’t wait for your child to enjoy them!

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