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Group Me

Group Me is our primary method of communication.

*This is also where we post pictures so that you can see the great activities in which your child participates!
You can download the Group Me app from the App Store, Play Store and Windows Phone Store. If you’re on a desktop, you can use the web version of Group Me instead.


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To set up GroupMe

  1. Enter your Facebook details, Microsoft Account, Google Account or email address, and then tap Continue.
  2. Enter your name, set an avatar (profile photo) and create a password.
  3. Check the box to indicate that you agree to the Terms of Service.
  4. Check the box if you want to sync your contacts to Group Me, then tap Continue.
  5. Enter your phone number and then tap Get PIN. We will send you a text message (SMS) containing a PIN.
  6. Enter the PIN we sent to your phone into the app and tap Continue. We will take you through a brief tutorial to get you started.
  7. Once we add your number a little group chat icon will show up on your chats.
    **If you need any help you can always ask Randi, Haley, or Kim.

How We Use GroupMe

• Turn ON notifications or check each day.
• We post during, nap, lunch, before school, and after school.

• Mornings are filled with brain-based learning. All pictures will be posted in the afternoons.
• Not all students are posted each day, but everyone will get posted at least once a week.
• If you want to ask a teacher a question that pertains only to your child, please do so through a private Group Me message, not a whole group posting-too much traffic. i.e.– can’t find a piece of a nap mat or a lid to a Tupperware container in their lunchbox-not everyone wants to know that.
• Please use discretion when posting illness information publicly, as not to alarm others.
• To discuss concerns, please feel free to contact Randi, Haley, Kim, or any of the Admin Team.