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teks aligned k-2

small class sizes


Kindergarten is typically made up of 5/6 year old children (at the start of the school year). This group of children will remain in this class and with the same teacher for the duration of the school year. Their primary goals academically will be all shapes, colors, letters, 100 numbers, all letter sounds, sight words, reading, science, social studies. Kindergarten will also take the lead in lines in the Christmas and Graduation programs. Live Museum is also a part of our Kindergarten program at Strawberry Fields. Breakfast and snacks are included in tuition. Lunch is an extra charge.

Pep Rally

Pep rally is important because it gets the kiddos movin’ and groovin’ before they begin their day. Pep rally lasts for 30 minutes and teaches the national anthem, pledge of allegiance, scope and sequence for the week. Also includes the SFOL alma mater and class creed, which incorporates sign language. Kiddos are able to get on stage and lead the pledge of allegiance and sing and dance with their friends.


We LOVE every subject we teach here at SFOL, but we also really LOVE music. Students are given an opportunity to express themselves, use a different part of their brain, and learn why music is a universal language.


Music has been known to help students retain and process information that they have learned. Tempo, melody, and rhythm are a few terms students will identify and demonstrate. Music in the classroom is executed through the students’ scope and sequence list, practice for seasonal programs Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Graduation), and more!


We are known for our elaborate Christmas Pageants.  Last year, we sold out of 800 tickets in less than an hour!  Our children left the audience amazed with their line memorization, choreography, singing, and dancing on our giant stage!

reading & writing

BRAIN BASED techniques from Teach BIG’s, The Writing Academy & Tap and Think Reading, are implemented throughout the Language Arts block. Students must be able to identify upper and lowercase letters before the start of school.

Social studies

Kindergarten will explore, study, and distinguish past, present, and future in their own lives and the world around them. They will learn about  important individual contributions, national holidays, and more! Students will recognize state symbols and icons (such as the flags), tell and show the difference between land and water on a globe, and begin to learn multi-cultural differences from their personal community.

policies and procedures


Art is the best combination of messy and fun! Our goal is for students to be able to appreciate famous artists and their works, as well as use any/all possible materials to create crafts. Colors, shapes, and different techniques are taught to help students’ creativity burst. Daily art activities are aligned with the age appropriate scope and sequence list.


Paints, textures, markers, and more are a few things that our students LOVE about art! We are ALL filled with joy when our students light up while presenting their work. Strawberry Fields is truly blessed to have an amazing staff who understands the importance of art and the educational brain based crafts for their students.

Bible Bus

We want to encourage students to have the love of God in everything they do.

Bible Bus is a Jesus & Me class to go! Using our scope and sequence, students study Bible verses with sign language and create crafts for every lesson.


Math is taught with  WHOLE BRAIN activities and games. Topics that are covered: fundamental math symbols, number recognition, number songs, and more.


We do experiments weekly and use a very hands on approach to tackling the subject of science. We cover things such as body systems, life cycles, states of matter, environments, and animals.

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Scope & Sequence

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