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Families helping families

This page is dedicated to all of our families (Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles), past and present!

Strawberry Fields is more than a preschool- it’s a way of thinking – it’s a FAMILY!


With our new website, you can already tell that we have made it a resource for parents to use with their students on a daily basis!  Create your own Pep Rally at home with all of our songs, learn holiday/calendar information, show lessons to your child at home, and see our amazing students learning and having fun at Strawberry Fields!  But just imagine if you could also use this site as resource to find a plumber, lawyer, or hair dresser?  Talk about convenience!


One of the many ways that we can band together is to support each other’s businesses!


Within our sweet SF family, we have engineers, clothes designers, realtors, pastors, counselors, photographers, nail stylists, plumbers, builders, hair dressers, doctors, attorneys, and a ton of other businesses to share with each other!  How nice is it that we can use each other’s strengths in a time of need or want!



Cleaning Services



Let’s all join in the Family Business!