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September 15th Update


– Only school personnel, students, and government officials will be allowed inside our building. (This is a new state law for ALL daycares!)

– Temperatures of ALL people entering the building MUST be taken. No one of 100.2 or higher will be admitted to remain on campus for any reason.

– Anyone returning after a prolonged time away will have to fill out a returning health questionnaire.

– Anyone with a persistent cough MUST be sent home.


Amazing sanitation and cleanliness have always been paramount for SFOL, but even so, we have discovered ways we can be even better!

Sanitizing the following:

– On-the-hour hand washing or sanitizer for all adults and children in the building

– EVERY door handle/knob will be continuously sanitized

– Table tops & underneath them (diner and classrooms) methodically

– Light switches and all other highly trafficked/touched areas sanitized multiple times a day

– Toys/supplies sanitized on a rotating, regular basis

– Having children wash their hands throughout the day & use sanitizer after coming in from outside play, after using the RR, after art class

– Mopping the diner multiple times a day

– Having strict diaper-changing procedures in place

Our two cleaning ladies are AMAZING: Thank you, Yaritza and Dora!

We also now have a clinic, with its own potty, sink, and napping area (with paper covering like in a doctor’s office) in the event a child needs to be separated due to an illness.

We are entertaining a few other ideas, as well. We are trying to strike a happy balance between sanitizing and sanity! We’re pretty crazy over keeping our staff and our children healthy!

Lunchboxes/Toys/Nap Mats:

We can no longer have outside snacks/lunches/toys brought into our building. Hopefully, this will be a temporary thing, but for right now, only school-provided food or a disposable baggie (Ziploc/paper bag) with food in it is allowed.  This case scenario is different than bringing in nap mats, because the nap mats are being sent home EACH day and being washed.

We will continue to offer a combination of fresh fruit, veggies, a variety of cereals, and goldfish as snacks.  Our lunch menu is posted at the beginning of each month in our class GroupMe.


This is a TOUGH one in our line of work!

The state has yet to offer definitive guidance on this part, as of this date. However, I am making some executive decisions based on what makes me feel comfortable as an owner and as a parent.

– No class will have more than 10 children present at one time in attendance

– We will not be rotating for the time being

– Students will have one Homeroom teacher

– Students will sit with no more than 4 students per table in the diner (previously, each table sat 8 students)

– Students will still be having music, art, Bible, and technology during this time.  However, they will not be traveling to these classes.  Instead, our teachers will each have a specialty cart (Music Mobile, Art Cart, Bible Bus, and Technology Trolley)  that they will take around to the homerooms to help prevent children from spreading germs.

– The specialty teachers will sanitize between taking the carts to their new classes.