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Star Store


We LOVE positive reinforcement, and LOVE teaching students skills that they will use the rest of their lives!  That is why the Star Store has been established as our primary method of discipline management for Middle and Upper Rotation*. We believe that people respond to hearing about the great things they are doing and then strive to repeat the great things for further compliments.  That is the idea behind the Star Store… something wonderful….receive a star….repeat the wonderful behavior….receive another star!

*AP & Kinder have a different positive reinforcement system


Students will receive a colored bracelet at the beginning of the day.
• Students will receive stars on their bracelets for wonderful actions (academically as well as behaviorally).
• If she/he receives 25 stars throughout the course of the week, the child will be able to go to the Star Store on Friday.
• They will have ALL WEEK to earn their 25 stars. Some days they may earn 2, while other days they may earn 7.
• Please praise your child for however many they receive each day. If a child has an “off” day, please encourage them that tomorrow is a new day and more stars can be earned.
• I have implemented the Star Store in years past with great success. It is designed to be a positive experience. Sometimes, parents have the tendency to wonder why stars were earned and want detailed information about each star. Please know that we cannot hold up pick-up time detailing this- as we will be complimenting the tiniest of things to raise awareness of great things they do throughout the day. Please ask your child what the stars are for-this will make a great conversation piece and serve as a reminder of how awesome your child is each day!