School Parties

School parties are a staple around Strawberry Fields!  We really enjoy having fellowship time with our families and children together on our campuses. 


Safety still must remain at the top of our list during these fun times.  If you would like to be a Room Parent, or if you would like to join your child at their party, we must have a new background check administered EVERY year!  The background check forms can be gotten from the Director at each location.


School Parties/Get Togethers that REQUIRE a Background Check:

Orange Day Party:  The Wednesday closest to Halloween (no costumes are worn, but everyone dresses in the most ORANGE possible).  We like to have Room Parents help with this event.  Please let your Director know if you would like to lead or co-lead in this fun event.

Valentine’s Day Party:  This time of year is especially fun because we get to all show our love for each other!  This event is best when each class has their own Room Parent!  Please consider volunteering for this event!  The children do exchange Valentine’s cards with one another.  Class lists will be provided to each class.

Easter Reading Time:  Parents and relatives of the older children are encouraged to sign up and read to their child’s class.  You may bring a book about Easter or we can supply it for you!  This is a special time for you to share your great storytelling voices with your child’s class.  This will be available the week of Good Friday.  There will be limited reading time slots, so please sign up as soon as we post the dates and times.

Lunch with Your Child:  This event is only available to UPPER ROTATION, GOGI BERRIES, STRAWBERRIES, and KINDERGARTEN!  This is a fun perk of being older at Strawberry Fields!  You may bring your child a special lunch and sit with him/her during their lunch time!  Please refrain from bringing or sharing food with children other than your own.  Please be aware that we CANNOT allow lunches with your child before they reach the UPPER Rotation (or higher) age level.  Younger children simply do not handle parting with you after lunch, and the others that age do not quite understand why their parents cannot be eating with them as well! 

Graduation Party:  The Graduation Parties are only available to Upper Rotation, Gogi Berries, Strawberries, and Kindergarten classes.  This is a neat time to reminisce and think back on the great time spent at Strawberry Fields and the amazing times that lie ahead as your child enters public school completely prepared to tackle school!


Events that DO NOT require a Background Check:

Thanksgiving Feast: This fun event is held the week or two BEFORE the Thanksgiving Break week of public schools in the area.  Each level of class will have their own assigned day in which to attend.  We will sell tickets to this event which cover the cost of the food.  The meal is catered by Pomodoro’s.  We will post a sign-up link in the GroupMe of each child’s class when it is time to get your tickets.  Whichever campus your child attends will be where their Thanksgiving Feast is held.  This event does not require a background check because each child in attendance will be accompanied by their respective adult.

Christmas Pageant:  This is our BIGGEST production of the school year!  It requires full costumes, memorized lines, and lots of singing on stage!  We do sell tickets to this event to cover the cost of costumes and backdrops.  This event has SOLD OUT the past three years!  When we announce that tickets are on sale, please get yours quickly so that you can pick the show you would like to attend!  This event does not require a background check as students do not intermingle with their families because they are performing on stage.

Graduation:  This ceremony is for children who will be entering public/private school beyond Strawberry Fields the following fall.  Children will be performing as well as graduating during this time.  No background check is needed for this event due to the fact that the students are on stage performing/graduating and not mingling with adults.