Pep Rally

Pep Rally is an exciting event that occurs EVERY DAY!  This is a time where the whole school (at both campuses) comes together and starts the day by singing, dancing, and learning while utilizing one of our three Performing Arts facilities at our Kemah and League City campuses.  We have fun learning our letters, colors, and shapes, at our Early Childhood Kemah Campus.  At our Preschool/ Kindergarten League City campus, we continue on with letter sounds, spelling color and number words, sight words, and character involvement.


Both campuses experience Worship Wednesday during Pep Rally time each Wednesday.  This is a great time to sing and dance as we learn all about Jesus.  This is a popular day of the week in which you won’t want your child missing.  Imagine Children’s church when you were a kid yourself! 


We have special guests such as puppets and guest appearances by super-talented teachers and parents!


This is a time when children learn to grow accustomed to getting up on a stage and singing and dancing a relaxing atmosphere.  Our Strawberry Fields children learn confidence and social skills that are unmatched as they participate in Pep Rally! 


Our Pep Rallies are Live Streamed to only parents who subscribe to our service and can be viewed at a later time for an extra fee.  This service will pick up again in the Spring after we open the New League City campus February 3rd.