Outdoor Play

I am a firm believer that children need outdoor play whenever the weather and conditions are favorable.  We are blessed to have 3000 square feet of playground space at our Early Childhood Kemah location and 6000 square feet of outdoor playground space at our Preschool League City location.

In the event of inclement weather or conditions, both campuses have indoor gym areas in which to play activities such as bottom scooters, parachutes, bowling, hoola hoops, large building blocks, tumbling, etc..

Kemah Playground Highlights:

  • Village Houses (cottage, school, church, and store)
  • Tricycle Track
  • Picnic Area
  • Plastic House Neighborhood
  • Large Open Area for Large (gross) motor skills such as running, jumping, skipping, etc.

League City Playground Highlights:

  • Nature Trails
  • Basketball Hoops
  • Riding Cars
  • House Village
  • Picnic Area
  • T-Ball Field (coming soon)
  • Soccer Field (coming soon)


Conditions in which we go outside:

  • Temperatures on the playground between 66 and 88 degrees
  • No rain or lightening is occurring
  • Mosquitoes are at a minimum
  • Air quality is at an acceptable level

Outside Hydration:

  • Hydration is important in the classroom and outside the classroom!
  • We have water machines in every classroom and outside at both locations.
  • Children will be offered water before and after outside and gym time.

Outdoors things to Consider:

  • Please send your child with sunscreen to keep in their cubby if you would like them to wear it on sunny days
  • Please send your child with bug spray of your choice to keep in their cubby if you would like them to wear it upon going outside