Emergency Procedures

Safety is of utmost importance to me as a parent of four children.  There is nothing more special to you than your children.  With this in mind, we have multiple safety pieces in place at both locations.

Magnetic Locks: Each campus has magnetic locks that can only be released when a code is input, when a release switch is pushed, or when a release handle is activated.

Closed-Circuit Camera System:  Both campuses have a CC camera system.  This includes the viewing of each classroom, common areas, the playgrounds, and the parking lots. Televisions in the front foyers of both campuses display the camera views at all times. The viewing of all cameras is being recorded at all times.

6-foot Fenced in Playgrounds:  All of the playgrounds at both campuses are six-feet in height.  We have 3000 square feet of playground space at our Kemah location and 6000+ square feet of playground space at League City.  In addition, our League City campus has plans for a soccer field and a t-ball field due to the older ages we serve at that location.

Fire: Both campuses have fire systems installed, maintained, and monitored by Protection One (ADT).  We conduct monthly fire drills.  We will always send out notices about the fire drills, as they are loud and bright lights are required to have an effective drill.

Visitor Pick Up:  Only parents and people who are listed on the Pick-Up Card are allowed to pick up the children at Strawberry Fields.  Please see our Pick-Up Procedures for more details.

Lock-Down Procedures:  Unfortunately, we live in a world where lock-downs may need to be a part of our day.  We want to be prepared for such an event.  Our teachers are highly trained in lock-down procedures in the event of a chemical spill or a stranger on campus.  Although we pray that none of these events occur, it is smart to be prepared.  We always do our best to get our children prepared and NOT afraid in times like this.  That is why practice is so important!  This procedure is practiced quarterly.

Evacuations:  Even though we don’t ever want an evacuation to be necessary, it is important that we have a plan in place. 

Kemah: We will walk all children to the Police Station.  It is the two-story, white building on stilts behind our school.

League City: We will walk all of the children to the front, large parking lot as Plan A.  As plan B, we will walk to the business to our left (when looking at the building) and seek refuge in their warehouse.

Severe Weather:  In the event of severe weather, please tune in to Channel 11 and your GroupMe app for instructions.  We will also practice a severe weather drill monthly.  Our teachers know where to bring the children within each building in case this is ever needed.