Building Safety

  • We LOVE parents on our campus. For safety reasons, we do NOT allow anyone to free roam in our building unless they’re on staff.
  • Please deliver and wait for your child to be exchanged in the front foyer.
  • However, there are many times we welcome guests, and we’d love to have you on our campus.
  • To attend parties, you must have a background check submitted and returned back from the state as clear. This takes up to 72 hours, so please plan accordingly.
  • The state background checks are good for one schoolyear. You will need to fill out a new one every year.
  • A copy of the form is on the following page. Please get a blank copy from the giant pencil in the front foyer.
  • Only parents will have automatic access to their children. You may come to our school at anytime. If you want additional people to pick up your child, their names must be added to the Registration Card. They will have to show a state-issued, photo ID to pick up your child.
  • If custody issues ensue, we are bound to follow court orders. We must have a copy on file.