We devote a great deal of time and love into how our program is designed.  It is run like a school, not a daycare.  We prefer all children to be in attendance EVERY day to capitalize on the benefits of being a student at Strawberry Fields.  We follow a daily curriculum, and we don’t want any child missing out on any of the creative content.  We understand illnesses and vacations and their role in a child’s life.  Please see our ILLNESS and VACATION policies for further details.


Pep Rally at BOTH campuses begins at 8:30 each day.  This is where our learning begins!  On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, we focus on songs, activities, chants, and dances that emphasize our studies for that week: letter, color, number, shape, theme, holiday, etc.  On Wednesdays, we have a very special day called Worship Wednesday!  This is when we sing songs and dance to Christian music.  We also have puppet shows and skits that talk about the familiar Bible stories.  (Think back to how fun Children’s Church was when you were a kid!)


** Tuition is due even if your child is not in attendance. Exceptions are made for earned vacation time, hospitalizations, or other severe medical issues.**

** Full tuition is still due during holidays.**


The following dates show when our school will be closed throughout this year.  You can also visit our CALENDAR to see all of our special events!


Monday, September 2nd – Labor Day

Monday, October 14th – Professional Development Day

Wednesday, November 27th – (Students must be picked up by noon)

Thursday/Friday, November 28th & 29th – Thanksgiving

Tuesday/Wednesday, December 24th & 25th – Christmas

Tuesday, December 31st – New Year’s Eve


Wednesday, January 1st– New Year’s Day

Monday, January 27th – Professional Development Day

Friday, April 10th – Good Friday

Monday, May 25th – Memorial Day